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Target Rifle Shooting

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We take shooting seriously and give professional coaching and advice to 12 years old up. (Our coaches combined have over 100 years experience and shoot at the world renowned National Rifle Association’s HQ, Bisley in Surrey). You will be able to use some of a variety of compressed gas weapons, which include famous makes, BSA, Hatsan, LoGun,Webley and Weihrauch, fitted with open (iron) and telescopic sights. We have recently acquired some lighter air rifles and aids for the use of younger people. When inquiring please tell us if you have previous experience as that will help determine the weapons we bring.

Initially we shoot at several standard paper targets, 5 rounds at a time, and with the option of different rifles. Your coach will be advising and making suggestions the meanwhile. Some mechanical targets can be introduced for more fun. You’re encouraged to take your targets home as souvenirs (the good ones anyway).

If you want to shoot using your own rifle, but within our rules, that’s fine.

When outdoors, our shooting is conducted prone for maximum stability. Using our indoor range, most prefer the sitting position at our purpose built bench.

Allow a good hour with us, depending on numbers.

£40 per person (£25 for 12 -16 year olds who must be accompanied by an adult).

We now offer PISTOL Shooting

For larger parties interested in historic weapons we offer a “hands on” display/lecture with live guns, muzzle loaders, revolvers etc through the ages.

Please call for any queries on: 0777 296 1364